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Cats Collective Christmas Songs Jazz



Cats Collective's ‘Christmas Songs’ is the ultimate homage to the high-days of classic jazz. Borrowing from the great songwriters and musicians of the 1950’s, Cats Collective revives the genre of romantic love songs and shows and allure of the past. Christmas being the ultimate moment where classic jazz and the modern day come together, they feel the time has come for new material.

Lyrics & Music: Pepijn de Wit

Arrangements: Camiel Jansen

Mixing: Erik Verwey
Mastering: Mark van Bruggen

Vocals: Pepijn de Wit

Guitar: Luuk Janssen
Bass: Camiel Jansen
Piano: Erik Verwey

Strings: Tessel Hersbach, Camiel Jansen

Brass: Tom Ridderbeekx, Sam Thomas, Guus Janssen

Artwork: Patrick Rijks

Studio: Studio de Zoete Inval

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